Arachnid Alcohol



Encounter Conditions

After killing the tiger bothering the bar drone (resets daily).

Initial Text

A woman with spidery legs jutting out of her back is making some rounds, distributing a round of beer. You're not sure if it's celebration for something in particular, but it is free beer.

Summary of Choices

  1. Take the drink - Gain 1 of Cellar Door ale or Cellar Door stout and 4 XP Will
  2. Just chat - Gain 2 XP Will
  3. Discuss SD6 Patch (While on the Third Eye's Aid quest) - Info or with Kumachikun Adventure build, gain SD6 tool, lose Kumachikun Adventure build.
  4. Offer to hack site (After discussing the SD6 patch) - hack Kumachikun Development (once per day, otherwise nothing)
  5. Mention spider Halloween - (Halloween 2019 only)
  6. Jump her - Fight Spider Patron (sober) or Twisted Patron (Etheric)
  7. Turn it down - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Take the drink

She smiles and hands you the beer. As you accept it, she takes a deep breath and says "sorry for being sort of a bitch earlier, not my finest moment" before turning around and disappearing into the crowd as fast as her many limbs can carry her.

You found: 1 of Cellar Door ale, Cellar Door stout

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Just chat

She seems happy enough to talk or, really, mostly drink her martini and listen to you talk. It's nice to actually have someone listen for a change.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Discuss SD6 Patch

"I do have something like that. They wouldn't let any of us go to the SD6 launch, so we got some of the patches they released after they bungled things instead."

"Well," she purses her lips, "more like we got the tools. It's a brick without the right authorization."

"A souvenir brick, but a brick. If you think you can crack it open, you should be able to get me something to trade. Come back in a bit and I can get you hooked to a Zaibatsu site where they're working on a game I want."

"Get me a copy and the PDA's yours. Think about it."

Or, with a Kumachikun Adventure build:

"You have the game? Fantastic!"

She accepts the file. "Well, a deal's a deal. Wait a second while I get the patch tool."

You end up waiting an annoyingly long time, but she does return with the PDA-like tool as promised.

You found: SD6 tool
(lose Kumachikun Adventure build)

Offer to hack site

I know the game is for Teso and everything, but you're gonna need some real hardware to tackle that kind of site.

Or, with a computer equipped:

"Okay," she nods as she gets you connected. "We've got someone on the inside who's releasing some information, but it's only really good for one attempt a day. Good luck."

"Oh, and if you get any extra copies, I'll buy them off you for 50 credits a piece."

(Begin hacking Kumachikun Development)

Or, after having hacked Kumachikun Development today:

"Sorry," she doesn't sound sorry at all as she locks her many-eyed gaze on you. "Getting those connections set up is a pain. We're lucky our person inside can even open the door once a day."

Mention spider Halloween

"Hmmm, really? I'm a bit old for college parties, but the theme is on point."

She smiles faintly, a wistful look in her primary eyes. After a moment, her expression falters.

"I didn't tell you this but… you might want to stay home too. Those parties seem like a magnet for trouble and drone attacks have been on the rise lately, seems like they can't handle people acting erratically."

"Maybe it's a good night to stay in with some spider movies or just hang out here. Hell, it's basically Halloween here every day anyway." Her smile returns, seeming a bit forced.

Jump her

(If sober:)

You jump forward as she stumbles back in shock, glaring at you. She seems to expect you to back down the moment you meet her gaze, but quickly changes her approach when she realizes you're still coming.

(Fight Spider Patron)

(If Etheric:)

You jump forward as she stumbles back in shock, glaring at you. The longer her eyes focus on you, the more her form seems to twist, her implants cracking open to reveal chitin underneath and wriggling limbs pushing out from the side of her skull.

(Fight Twisted Patron)

Turn it down

She frowns a bit. "Fair enough, I guess."

(Walk Away)

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