Apply Part Of X To Y

You can gain an extra bonus to stat Y when you raise stat X. Typically if X is negative, Y is not lowered.

Note: Direct bonuses are calculated first; then Apply part of X to Y is applied; (then Use X instead of Y if X is higher). If your attributes are reduced to less than zero during the "direct" calculation, they capped at zero, then the "Apply part of X to Y" is added.

For example: if you have equipment that gives -9999999 Perception, and then an item that applies part of something for +2 Perception, you will always have exactly 2 Perception.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items


Bonus Source Formula
Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Reflexes solid shark hologram Ref += ED
Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Strength solid shark hologram Str += ED
Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Will solid skull hologram Will += ED
Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Perception solid spider hologram Perc += ED
Applies half your Melee Defense to Etheric Defense shield of scales ED += MD/2
Applies a third of Stealth Power to Ranged Power Zalian defense system, Zalian defense tool, Zalian multiweapon RP += SP/3
Applies a third of Stealth Power to Melee Power Zalian weapons (above) with Zalian Blade active MP += SP/3
Applies part of your Etheric Defense to Ranged Power holosight rifle, solid gunman hologram RP += ED/3 (with one)
RP += ED (with both)
Applies some of your Etheric Power to all Perception Techniques Fluid Focus with lens equipped PTTUP += √EP
Applies part of your Will to any lower attributes ferry coin Perc += √Will (when lower)
Str += √Will (when lower)
Ref += √Will (when lower)
Applies Stealth Power to Lowest Attribute(s) trick top hat Low Attr += SP
Increases Muffled Sight's effects by your Fire Power Legion's Eyes ED += FP
EP -= FP
Increases your Etheric Defense when your Will is at its highest Lord of Nightmares ED += Will modifier (if positive)
Increases your Etheric Power when your Will is weakest Slave to Nightmares EP -= Will modifier (if negative)
Your Evasion Power is also applied to your Etheric Defense Demon Slayer ED += EvP


Except for Slave to Nightmares, all(?) these seem to only apply if the relevant attribute is positive. (Eg. the trick top hat has no effect if you have negative Stealth Power.)

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