Antique Plasma TV


Image TV.jpg
Description This ancient television should still pick up a few channels. Should be just the thing to while away the hours you're not kicking ass.
Type Furniture
Use You install the TV in your dwelling and flick it on. Seems to get a fair number of channels. None of the really good stuff, but some sports, the news, and educational programming.
Effect Adds an Antique TV to your apartment.


Buy from Bum Selling Stuff encounter in Southside Park (with antiquey watch equipped).
From removing an Antique Plasma TV from your apartment.


Allows you to watch TV when installed in your apartment in Southside.

Add a Signal Analysis Circuit to improve an Antique Plasma TV
Antique Plasma TV Signal Analysis Circuit
= Descrambled TV
Overload a Antique Plasma TV with Shivering Capacitors
antique plasma TV shivering capacitors
= shorted TV
toolbox.jpg circuit fragments (x1), frayed cable (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be donated to a gang stash.
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