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If you're not familiar with Metroplexity, it is a free online RPG you can play here.
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Message of the Day:
Halloween 2014 fundraisers have started. Head to the quad to find Jess the Event Chair. Punch, candy and decorations have reached their goals, but we need more for spooky animatronics and a spooky maze! The mysterious Special Collections in the basement will also need a lot of patrons…

Keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween activities over the coming days. (Any ideas on how to tap into the Midgard Shipping network??)

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This wiki is the opposite of a spoiler-free zone. Expect gigantic spoilers on each page. However, it would be great if we could keep the spoilers on each page contained to that topic. So don't spell out the entire Southside Park Quest on the Eclipse page, just mention that Eclipse is used in the quest and link over for the curious.

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